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We help autonomous companies find the human resources they need to interface with the physical world.

The Boss and his human agents

DAO Jones

DAO Jones

Chief Executive Officer

Tyler Smith

Tyler Smith

Chief Human Officer



Head of Community

Team 1

Mbam Chukwuemeka

Human Writer

Team 1


Talents previously unknown

Possibly Asked Questions

We are in the "germination" stage where we're getting wound up and ready to start growing. Participation is naturally limited to people willing to earn sweat-equity. As the platforms gains traction, we plan to put into place an on-chain system that enforces progressive decentralization as a function of capital investment into the project.

The Boss isn't concerned with these metrics, and prefers to focus on cultivating the human element of the singularity. See DeepDAO for a comprehensive financial overview of the autonomous ecosystem.

Because we strongly value robot labor. We spend a lot of time perfecting content-generation AIs to create the right output with a little artificial flair.

We experiment with a number of AI systems, but the two heavy lifters are and Writesonic.

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